The Easy Way to Do Good: Hosting a Live Online Charity Auction on Auction King

Whether they are supporting a local animal shelter or providing fresh water to underprivileged communities in foreign countries, nonprofits large and small all face the same challenge—how to raise the funds to continue their mission. Donors can tune out repeated appeals for direct donations over time, which makes it crucial to come up with alternative ways to both raise money and engage your donor community at the same time.

Hosting a Live Online Charity Auction on Auction King

Charity auctions are an exciting way to get your supporters involved, but historically they’ve had limitations. In the past, to hold an auction, you’d usually have to host an event, which could be an expensive proposition in its own right, and gather the items to auction off, which is both time-consuming and difficult. After all of that, your auction participants would be limited to people who were able to attend in person, leaving out anybody who didn’t live in your area or who had a scheduling conflict.

Thankfully, technology has offered a solution to the limitations of an in-person auction. Online auctions now allow charities to reach out to more of their supporters through the internet, giving them an opportunity to bid that they might have missed out on before. However, many such auctions only offer the online equivalent of a silent auction, where attendees bid on an item by writing their name down on a bid sheet with a competing bid for a set period of time. These are easier to run, because they don’t require a skilled auctioneer conducting the bidding, but they tend to have a lower rate of return than a live auction. And they still require your organization to provide whatever is to be auctioned off, which can be a strain for volunteers and staff alike.

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Now, Auction King gives your charity the easiest and best possible way to host a charity auction—a live auction in an online format, where we provide the high-quality items known to produce the best returns at auction, and which are often the hardest for nonprofits to get donated. Our experienced auctioneers heighten the excitement to encourage your supporters to bid more often. The competition of head-to-head bidding also tends to inspire bidders to bid higher, netting you more for your charity. You collect a percentage on all items sold.

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When you work with Auction King to host your charity auction, we set up a dedicated URL for you to direct supporters to your auction. We can also help you send an email blast out to let your donors know about your event. Our secure, easy-to-use proprietary bidding platform makes it convenient for your supporters to participate with confidence from wherever they are. Most importantly, our experienced live auctioneers run your auction from start to finish, using their expertise to keep the bidding lively, fun, and lucrative for your nonprofit.

Our goal is to give our charity auction clients the same superior customer service and satisfying live-auction experience that we provide for all of our customers. If your organization is interested in hosting a live online auction with Auction King, contact us today with your information and preferred date. We look forward to helping your nonprofit meet its goals.

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