Is There a Best Time to Buy a Rolex?

Even for those who don’t know anything about luxury watches, the Rolex name is iconic. Their watches have long been a favorite of those who appreciate a high-end timepiece with a combination of style and craftsmanship that ensures it will hold its value over time. Of course, this level of quality doesn’t come cheap, so savvy consumers often look for ways to score a Rolex below retail price. However, some of the tricks that work well for finding other types of goods at bargain rates aren’t so useful when you’re shopping for a Rolex.

While online forums of watch aficionados have considered the topic of timing your purchase, the reality is that some of the very features that make Rolexes desirable make it unlikely that buying at a particular time will result in a much lower price from a retail outlet. Rolex watches are made in a time-consuming manufacturing process that requires an exacting attention to detail. This attention to precision design is the reason that Rolexes can last for a lifetime. In addition, unlike fashion brands that might change their entire line annually, Rolex’s designs remain consistent.

What does this mean for consumers? First, it means that retailers are unlikely to offer steep discounts based on the calendar. For example, while some goods might be discounted after Christmas to move them off the shelf, you should not expect that a Rolex Submariner or Datejust will make that list. A Rolex that doesn’t sell in December is not going to go out of style, so retailers have little incentive to accept a low price just to make a quicker sale. It’s also generally agreed that authorized Rolex dealers are forbidden from advertising discounts, and that to get one you’ll probably have to be a star customer willing to do significant haggling. The most frequent advice you’ll find among experienced luxury watch buyers on the best time to buy a Rolex is “when you can afford it.”

This state of affairs also offers buyers an opportunity. Previously owned Rolex watches are often resold for much less than brand-new Rolexes. Rather than spending top dollar, you can get one of equal quality and nearly identical style for thousands less simply by purchasing one used. Of course, as with any high-end luxury item, the resale market for Rolexes attracts its share of fakes, so you need to work with a trusted source to verify that the watch you’re getting is authentic.

The best time to buy a Rolex is when it’s right for you—when you’re celebrating a success, ready to up your style, or simply wanting to own the finer things in life. Shopping at can bring that time more quickly than you might think. We regularly stock an array of top-quality luxury watches, including Rolexes, at far below market rates. We triple-check the authenticity of every item so you can bid with confidence. Register today for a free online account to get started.

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