Decorating Your Space with Statues

Adding art to your space, whether it is your home or office, helps to breathe soul into your décor. After all, it’s the personalized grace notes that accent your furniture and color scheme that really help to set your space apart. It’s common to think of art in terms of prints and paintings. However, you’re missing an opportunity if you limit yourself solely to decorative elements that can be hung on walls. Statues and sculpture literally add dimension to your art display—here’s what to consider to help you choose the right one.

Like any kind of artwork, sculpture comes in a wide variety of subjects, styles, and sizes. To begin with, you’ll want to make sure that the scale of a statue is appropriate for the space where you would like to put it—a larger piece would look great in the middle of a grand foyer or in the corner of a great room, while a small piece will look perfect on an end table or mantel. Make sure that no matter what the size of your sculpture, you consider the effect of the surroundings on its impact. Your sculpture should have adequate light and space around it, without distracting clutter, so that it can be enjoyed from multiple angles without excess visual competition. In the case of large freestanding sculptures, be sure that placement doesn’t impede traffic patterns.

Next you should consult your own taste and the style of the space you want to decorate. If you tend to prefer classical style, or the space is more formal, then you might want to opt for representational sculpture over more modern or abstract forms. Even among different examples of representational statuary, however, the mood of a piece can range from whimsical to dramatic, depending on the choice of subject and pose. Choose a piece that harmonizes with the overall feel of the space where you intend to put it.

While statues can depict almost anything, both animals and the human form are common subjects. This can help guide your choice as well, because a subject that speaks to you will help to enhance your aesthetic enjoyment of the art you select. Aquatic animals might remind you of a beach vacation, or a bronze of children reading might recall a favorite pastime. There is no right or wrong to finding a statue that has meaning for you.

Statues also make striking additions to outdoor spaces. Bronze statues are hardy enough to withstand the weather, and you can use them to create focal points in your garden. Again, the subject and mood are up to you—you can style a flowery meditation nook centered around a bronze Buddha or place a sculptured fountain to contribute the peaceful sound of splashing water to the scene.

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