Auction King Releases a New Mobile App

Since its inception, Auction King has been dedicated to bringing the superior experience of a live auction to its customers wherever they happen to be. The foundation of their business is the knowledge of three generations of auctioneers, but their passion is combining that expertise with the most up-to-date technology to recreate the excitement and opportunity of a live auction online. Now Auction King is excited to announce that its new mobile app makes it more convenient than ever to stay in the action, even when you’re on the move.

auction king mobile app

The Auction King mobile app brings you the same great live online auctions as at, now at your fingertips. It combines the convenience and security of their online bidding platform with the helpful features you expect in a mobile app to help raise your experience to the next level of ease and accessibility.

  • Live auction action: With our app, you’ll enjoy real-time bidding with an experienced live auctioneer. Unlike timed auctions, which impose an artificial limit on the length of bidding, a live auction is open as long as bidders are interested—giving you more opportunity to win!
  • Alerts: Always know your bidding status with our app. You’ll receive alerts when you’re the highest bidder on an item, and push notifications when you’ve been outbid, so you can jump back into the action in time to bid again.
  • Notifications: Never miss out on a deal! Our app sends you notifications for upcoming auctions, so you can browse the selection in advance.
  • Search: Our app gives you easy ways to check out what’s available. Use our quick item search to find the best values. You can also view the most popular items at a glance, from Rolex watches to Chanel handbags, to stay up on the hottest finds.
  • Mobile checkout: When you’ve won your bid, you can close the deal directly from your phone. Get your items shipped as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying them!
  • Security: Our secure server provides the protection you expect from an Auction King transaction in the mobile environment. Bid with confidence no matter where you are.

auction king mobile app

Auction King brings the unique, the exquisite, and the exceptional to its clients from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for deals on high-end jewelry, luxury watches, fine art, collectibles, designer handbags, or sports memorabilia, Auction King is the place to find items that have been scrupulously checked for quality and authenticity at prices far below retail. Now its mobile app makes this extraordinary collection available to you wherever you go.

The Auction King app is available free of charge for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Download it today to bring opportunity to your fingertips.


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