5 Pieces of Jewelry Every Girlfriend Will Love

Fine jewelry is a classic gift for the woman you love—not only is it beautiful, but there are also endless options to fit her style and taste. Of course, having that much choice can be intimidating for the men doing the shopping. How do you know the right piece to get? Fortunately, there are some useful tips for those who are just venturing into getting their girlfriend a piece of fine jewelry.

Certain perennially popular types of jewelry provide a good jumping-off point for figuring out the right gift for your girlfriend. Having a sense of her style and the type of jewelry she already owns will also be helpful for getting the perfect match.

A birthstone pendant: This piece comes with instant personalization, as well as giving you a way to narrow down your search to a gem that will have special meaning for her. Think about whether this is a piece that you want her to be able to wear every day—in which case you might want to opt for something a little more understated—or a statement gem that will be a knockout for special occasions.

Pearls: Pearls have long been associated with elegance, and they’re one gem that never seems to go out of style, no matter how tastes change. A simple strand of perfectly matched pearls, if she doesn’t already have one, is a gift she’ll wear again and again. If that part of her jewelry wardrobe is already covered or if her taste is more eclectic, consider getting her black Tahitian pearls, golden South Sea pearls, or a piece featuring a unique baroque pearl.

Gemstone bracelet: What’s your girlfriend’s favorite color? A gemstone bracelet in that hue will be the dazzling statement piece she needs to complete her favorite ensemble. Colored gems can be found in every shade of the rainbow, in both light and saturated hues, so you can select the exact color that strikes her fancy.

Diamond studs: Diamond studs are the little black dress of jewelry—perfect for every occasion. She’ll be able to wear them to the office, out to drinks with her friends or to a night at the theater with you, or just running around on errands. Look for a pair that are well-matched and make sure the setting (yellow or white gold) matches the metal she wears most frequently.

Statement earrings: Earrings featuring gorgeous gems, surrounded by glimmering accent stones, are one of those things that women love but that they don’t often buy for themselves. Indulge her with a wow-worthy pair of dangle earrings featuring one of the big three gemstones or a hot trending stone like morganite or tanzanite.

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