Why Buying Jewelry from an Online Auction is a Great Value

Why Buying Jewelry from an Online Auction is a Great Value Auction King

It’s common to assume that high-quality jewelry inevitably comes with an equally high price tag. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Experienced jewelry collectors know that buying at auction is a little-known secret to getting fine jewelry at unbelievable prices, and that the growing availability of online auctions is bringing this opportunity to a wider audience.

To understand why an online auction is a great place to find a bargain on jewelry, it helps to understand why retail outlets are often not good places to get a deal. Any brick-and-mortar store will be paying defined wholesale costs for all of their goods. On top of that, they have the overhead costs of running a physical store, expenses that get folded into the cost of every piece of merchandise sold, which drives prices higher. If a necklace or earrings are made by a specific designer, the premium for that name or brand can mean an even larger price tag. Some retail jewelry stores and chains routinely set prices above what they know the pieces are really worth and then run constant “sales” and “specials” to make customers feel like they’re getting a bargain. That’s rarely the case in those circumstances.

In contrast, online auctions give customers advantages that benefit their bottom line:

No need to meet overhead: Online auctions often source their merchandise in ways that mean there is no concern with making up manufacturing costs or meeting minimums. Fine jewelry can come from government seizure of goods, overstocking, abandoned pawn shop items, estate sales, and more. In those cases, the sellers are highly motivated to get rid of stock that is taking up space at whatever price they can get.

Convenience: Time is money, and the amount of time you have to spend traveling from store to store to find the ring or bracelet you’re looking for is something you should consider as part of the overall cost of buying jewelry. Purchasing from an online auction saves you gas money and fatigue, since you can browse and bid from the comfort of your own home. You also have the opportunity to purchase from a far larger and more varied selection of jewelry than you’d be able to find at any single store.

Of course, in order to truly realize the potential advantage of purchasing fine jewelry at an online auction, you have to buy from a reputable auction house. Auction King authenticates every piece of jewelry sold on our site, providing certificates of authenticity so you can be sure that what you get is exactly what you expected. Our auction format, conducted by a live professional auctioneer, gives you the genuine experience of a live auction, where the ultimate winning bid is determined by the flow of bidding, not by an artificially timed or automated process. Finally, our items do not have reserve prices, so bidding on even a priceless diamond ring can start as low as $1.

Auction King is your source for fine jewelry at below-market prices. We offer a continually updated selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more featuring a variety of styles, gemstones, and precious metals. Register for a free online account and start bidding today.

Are Cartier Watches a Good Investment?

Are Cartier Watches a Good Investment Auction King

When a new collector thinks of luxury watches in terms of an investment, Cartier may not be the first name that springs to mind. From one perspective, this is understandable. Founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, a master jeweler, the company was known for its fine jewelry well before it designed its first wristwatch. However, Cartier watches are prized for their workmanship as well as their superior design, which makes them worth consideration if you’re in the market for a luxury wristwatch.

Cartier’s history as a watchmaker began in the nineteenth century, when it produced jeweled and enameled pocket watches that echoed the motifs of its jewelry lines. However, in modern times we associate their watchmaking history with the advent of their first men’s wristwatch in 1904. This was the Santos, created for the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, who had complained that consulting a pocket watch was impractical when flying. The square-bezel design that Cartier produced appealed to more than just its original recipient—in fact, variations on the original design are still part of Cartier’s watch line today.

Equally iconic, the Cartier Tank watch, first created in 1917, was inspired by the design of Renault World War I tanks. The first prototype was given as a gift to General Pershing. It is known for its clean rectangular look, updated several times in the century since its introduction. The ladies’ versions of this line have proven to be as popular as the men’s, and again, you’ll find several current variations of this design for sale today.

In general, Cartier is known for the cutting-edge designs of watches such as the Panthère, Ballon Bleu, Baignoire, and Tortue, but it would be a mistake to assume that the brand is all about looks. Cartier dedicates as much energy and passion to the precision of the movement within the watches it produces as it does to their exterior design. Thus, a Cartier watch is not simply a beautiful ornament, but a quality timepiece as well.

As with any collectible item where subjectivity is a factor in appraising value, Cartier watches should not be considered a short-term investment. In general, individual watches that are from iconic lines or that incorporate precious materials like gold or gemstones are more likely to maintain a predictable price, but that isn’t always the case. The amount you might be offered at resale can vary according to current fashions, so be prepared to hold on to the watch until market conditions are right. This is why it is always a good idea to buy a watch that appeals to your personal sense of style, so that you can enjoy owning it until you feel the time is right to sell.

To get a Cartier watch at below-market values, you should first check out auctions. At Auction King, we regularly stock previously owned luxury watches spanning a wide variety of famous brands and styles, with opening bids starting as low as $1. We triple-check every item on our site for authenticity so you can bid with confidence. Register for a free online account today to get started.

Tips for Making Custom Jewelry with Loose Stones

Tips for Making Custom Jewelry with Loose Stones Auction King

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to fine jewelry. Some prefer simple pieces, others prefer ornate. Some wear signature precious stones or metals exclusively, while others mix and match. With so much variation in personal taste to contend with, it’s no wonder that sometimes commercially available jewelry designs don’t quite match what you’re looking for. However, there’s no reason to settle for something that isn’t exactly right. If you start with loose stones, you can have a piece custom-made to fit your vision exactly.

Perhaps you like a particular style of ring but would like it with a different center stone. Or maybe you haven’t seen the type of pendant you’re imagining in any jewelry store. An experienced jeweler can help you create the exact piece you want. Here are some tips on how to go about it:

Find your jeweler

Look for someone in your area who advertises custom work. Ask friends and family if they have anyone they would recommend, or check out online reviews to get a sense of who’s reliable. If you already have a jeweler you know and trust, even better.

Discuss your idea

Talk to your prospective jeweler about what you have in mind. What type of piece are you looking for—a bracelet, pendant, earrings, ring? What size? What kind of metal? What type of stone? The more specific you can be in what you’re interested in, the better able your jeweler will be to create a design that appeals to you. If you already have a stone or stones that you would like the jeweler to use, make sure they know. They’ll need to know the exact size of any stone you want to use in order to design the mounting accurately.

Be willing to listen to the advice your jeweler gives you during this step. For example, some softer stones, such as opals, are not well suited for harsh or daily wear. Other stones, such as emeralds, can be brittle and should be worn in settings designed to protect them. A thoughtful design can help ensure the longevity of your piece and maximize your enjoyment.

Establish your terms

Some jewelers may charge a minimum fee to create a custom piece of jewelry, especially if they are fabricating the mounting from scratch. Make sure the proposed price is in line with your planned budget. You’ll also want to be clear on the process, from preliminary discussions and sketches to delivery of the final piece. Getting a custom piece of jewelry made typically takes longer than simply having a calibrated stone inserted into a premade setting, so be prepared to exercise some patience, especially if the item you’ve requested is unusually complex. Knowing exactly what to expect will help you enjoy the journey from concept to reality.

You can help your jewelry budget go further by purchasing loose stones at auction, where you can avoid retail markup. Auction King regularly stocks an assortment of unmounted precious gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst, tanzanite, jade, and more. All are accompanied by gemological reports verifying their authenticity, and opening bids start as low as $1. Register for a free online account today to start bidding.