Top Status Symbols for Men

When men achieve success in their career or business and reap the financial rewards that go with it, they naturally want to acquire the luxuries that go along with that success. This isn’t simply a matter of buying cool things, though—the status symbols associated with wealth can affect how a man is perceived by those around him. Some of the items that traditionally send a message of prosperity and accomplishment are:

Top Status Symbols for Men | Auction King

Cars: Whether a man is into speed or just wants a luxurious ride, expensive cars are one of the most recognizable status symbols out there. Some men prefer traditional choices like Mercedes or BMWs—tricked out with all available upgrades, of course—while others opt for sportier choices like Ferraris or Lamborghinis. Recently, the top-of-the-line Tesla Model S has become popular with men who like stylish cars and green technology.

Watches: The status watch has a long history as a subtle symbol of both good taste and success. Wearing a Rolex, Cartier, or Breitling is about much more than having a convenient way to know the time. Since a watch is a classic accessory that gives a man an opportunity to convey a sense of style, successful men often own a wardrobe of different watches suited to a variety of occasions.

Clothing: Despite what some may say about eschewing formal styles of dress, designer suits and bespoke suits still mark a man as impeccably stylish. Leaders of industry have long known that to convey authority, you have to dress the part, which explains why this status symbol retains its popularity. The subtle but unmistakable differences between top-end suits and their off-the-rack counterparts lend their wearers an air of incomparable sophistication.

Collectibles: With financial means comes the ability to indulge your passions, which is why one-of-a-kind collectibles are coveted status symbols. A basketball fan’s collection of signed jerseys or a film buff’s memorabilia speak to the owner’s personality and interests while also clearly conveying their value.

Fine art: A peerless fine art collection is a favorite status symbol of the wealthy man. Well-known collectors such as J. Paul Getty and, more recently, Eli Broad have even turned their private collections into museums open to the public. Those with the means have long favored art not only as a way to display their interest in culture, but also as an opportunity to invest in a manner more enjoyable than purchasing additional stocks and bonds.

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Top 10 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Girlfriend

It’s no wonder jewelry is a classic gift from a man to the woman he loves. Combining beauty, durability, and style, an exquisite piece of jewelry shows just how much he values her. You can find many pieces on the market, but if you want to get your wife or girlfriend jewelry that she’ll treasure forever, you’ll want to consider one of the items on this list.

Top 10 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Girlfriend | Auction King

  1. Hoop earrings – A classic pair of hoops can dress up a casual outfit or lend flair to business attire. Consider a delicate pair for a particularly feminine appeal.
  1. Long necklace – A stylish pendant on a long chain is just the statement piece she needs to set off that simple sheath dress or sleek top. She’ll especially love it if it includes a gemstone in her favorite color or her birthstone.
  1. Delicate pendant – An exquisitely made short necklace is another must-have piece every woman craves for her jewelry wardrobe.
  1. Chandelier earrings – These dramatic earrings are a popular statement piece, and you can find them set with a variety of different semiprecious and precious gemstones.
  1. Channel-set ring – Whether set with diamonds or a colored gemstone, these classic rings can be stacked, worn with other rings, or worn separately, giving her options for changing up her look.
  1. Tennis bracelet – The diamond tennis bracelet is the quintessential example of bling she can enjoy wearing every day, whether she’s heading to a gala or going to the grocery store.
  1. Diamond solitaire necklace – You can find many variations on the concept of a necklace highlighting one single exquisite diamond. Prong or bezel-set; white, yellow, or rose gold; round, marquise, or princess cut—the options are endless.
  1. Cocktail ring – A gemstone cocktail ring is a gorgeous gift the special woman in your life can enjoy and flaunt. Look for one with a special stone, such as tanzanite or alexandrite, that has an interesting story, and she’ll have a conversation piece as well as a lovely ring.
  1. Pearls – Coco Chanel considered pearls an essential for any woman, and they have traditionally been associated with icons of fashion like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Whether traditional creamy white or exotic black from Tahiti (or any of a variety of natural shades), pearls have an unmatched elegance that make them essential for any woman of style.
  1. Diamond earrings – A dazzling pair of diamond stud earrings are the little black dress of jewelry, the go-to piece that is perfect for every occasion. Invest in high-quality stones with plenty of fire, and know that she’ll wear and love this gift for a lifetime.

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