10 Coins in Your Pocket That Could Be Worth Good Money

In these days of virtual payment methods, pocket change may seem like more of a nuisance than a potential source of wealth. However, that collection of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters may be hiding unknown treasures. The type of valuable coin you’re likely to find among modern examples are error coins, which have subtle differences from perfectly minted coins that make them attractive to collectors. You’ll have to have a sharp eye and a magnifying glass to spot the differences, but here are some that you might find lurking in your spare change:

  1. 1969-S Lincoln Penny with Doubled-Die Obverse – In a doubled-die coin, the die itself is made incorrectly, producing an image where elements are doubled. In this extremely rare example, every element on the obverse side except for the mint mark is doubled. Possible value: $35,000
  2. 1970-S Small Date Lincoln Penny with Doubled-Die Obverse – The doubling on the obverse of this coin is most clearly seen in the motto “In God We Trust” and in the letters “LIB” of “Liberty.” Possible value: $3,000
  3. 1972 Lincoln Penny with Doubled-Die Obverse – This example of a doubled die coin shows strong doubling on all elements on the obverse side of the coin. Authentic examples also have a tiny gouge near the edge of the coin above the letter “D” in “United.” Possible value: $500
  4. 1984 Double Ear Lincoln Penny – The doubled die error on this coin makes it appear that there is an extra earlobe below Lincoln’s ear on the obverse image. Possible value: $230
  5. 1995 Lincoln Penny with Doubled-Die Obverse – Many of these are still found in circulation today. Doubling is clearly seen in “Liberty” and “In God We Trust.” Possible value: $20 to $40
  6. 1999 Wide “AM” Reverse Lincoln Penny – On the reverse of a typical penny, the letters “A” and “M” in the word “America” are nearly touching. In this rare example, that gap is wider than usual because the mint mistakenly used a proof die to strike normal circulation coins. There are also examples of this coin dated 1998 and 2000, but ones from 1999 are the rarest. Possible value: $5 to $600
  7. 1982 No Mint Park Roosevelt Dime – U.S. coins are printed with a small single letter that indicates the mint where they were made (“S” for San Francisco, “P” for Philadelphia, and “D” for Denver). In 1982, the Philadelphia Mint forgot to add their mark to thousands of dimes. Possible value: $30 to $50
  8. 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter with an Extra Leaf – Thousands of this state’s quarters somehow ended up with an extra leaf on the left side of the ear of corn featured in the design. Possible value: $200 to $300
  9. 2005 “In God We Rust” Kansas State Quarter – A grease build-up in the coin die led to an interesting typo on some of this state’s quarters. Not the most valuable error coin out there, but a definite conversation piece. Possible value: $100
  10. Presidential Dollar with Edge Lettering Errors – The U.S. began issuing dollar coins with images of our nation’s presidents in 2007. Each coin should have an inscription around the circumference of the coin, which is applied after the coin is struck. Examples with either missing or doubled inscriptions can be valuable. Possible value: $50 to $3,000 (depending on president and type of error)

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